Yes! Please lock in my 1HR "Bookkeeper's Marketing Blueprint" consultation!

Add To Cart - $350 (Ex GST)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly am I getting?

A: Your Bookkeeper's Marketing Blueprint consists of three main parts. Before the call, we'll get you to complete a questionnaire, which will give us a thorough understanding of your business. Next, we'll book in a call, and give verbal feedback, as well as ask questions on items we need clarified. Last, we'll take all the information gathered, and collate it into a comprehensive pdf, including detailed action plans for your marketing going forward.

Q: What happens on the call?

A: The call is broken down into two discreet elements. During the first half, we'll be asking targeted questions to clarify an items we're not sure about. We'll also start to drill down into the core values of the business, and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Once we're satisfied we've uncovered every element needed, we'll move into the feedback stage, where we'll start to outline what needs fixing, and next steps to get it all done most efficiently.

All calls are recorded, and we'll send you a copy of the audio, so no need to take notes!

Q: Who will be doing the consultation?

A: During your consultation you will be speaking with John Detlefs, the founder of Hummingbird Advertising.

John has been in advertising for over 10 years and has worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia including Telstra, FlexiGroup, AMP, Let's Insure, Bally, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and more.

We've never had an unhappy customer after a call.. in fact in many cases customers have gone on to become  full-service clients! You'll never regret taking the next step in your marketing.

Q: Do you have any free options?

A: Absolutely! If you'd like to dig in without committing at this stage, then your best bet is to join the Bookkeepers & Accountants Marketing Group on LinkedIn. There's no cost to be a member and we're always posting information on how to improve your marketing.

You'll also be able to discuss your marketing journey with several hundred other bookkeepers from around the world!

Q: I can't afford $350 (Ex GST).. do you have any other options?

A: If $350 is a bit outside of your range, then we recommend jumping into our lower-priced offerings and working on your marketing solo for a while. Some great options include our $7.70 per month staff videos subscription, or our $47 per month Marketing Group on Facebook.

Both of these are great value options and allow to work at your own pace on a tight budget.

Q: What is the Pre-consultation Questionnaire?

A: Before we book you in for a call, it's important to first go through a comprehensive questionnaire giving detailed feedback on the current status of your business. Once completed, we'll deep dive into the information you give, scout out your competition and the status of your current marketing.

Remember, the more information you give, the more valuable the call, so take your time!

Q: What does my Marketing Blueprint consist of?

A: Once the call has been completed, we'll take all the information we have, and we'll collate it down into a comprehensive feedback pdf. Feedback will contain where your marketing is strong, where is it so-so, and where you need some serious oomph to get things going.

The second half of the report is where we'll give you detailed checklists and action plans you can follow step by step to bring your marketing up to best practice. You can do this yourself, or get a staff member to do it for you!

Q: Should I do the call if I don't have any clients yet?

A: In some ways the best time to get your Bookkeeper's Marketing Blueprint is before you've started marketing. Understandably, most bookkeepers are a lot better at crunching the numbers than setting up a comprehensive marketing campaign. Booking in for a consultation before starting your marketing efforts just means you won't have to spend any time going back over and fixing your mistakes!

Q: Is Hummingbird able to do my marketing for me?

A: Of course! But regardless of this, all clients go through the Bookkeeper's Marketing Blueprint consulting call first. It's important for both parties to thoroughly understand your business goals & values, and overall marketing objectives.

So even if you think you'd like to get us to do everything for you, step one is to book in your call, so lock it in, we're ready when you are! 🙂

Q: Help! I'm running late and can't make the call!

A: Please make sure you let us know at least 48 hours before the call is scheduled to take place. Any later than this and the full fee will be forfeited. You will still receive your detailed marketing plan based on the answers you gave in the questionnaire. We recommend making sure you're ready for the call, as we pack a lot of value into it!

We're real people, so if it's a genuine emergency, get in contact as soon as you can and we'll work something out. But to clarify, forgetting the call or running late does not qualify as an emergency!