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Hey, and thank you for your interest in our new LinkedIn product! So tell me…

How much would it be worth to your business to land a whale of a client? Like a big, juicy, corporate giant?

Have a think about that question as I give you a quick update on what’s going on. I've had three five seven ten businesses (as of October 2nd) in the last couple of weeks sign up for my new LinkedIn B2B Sales & Lead Generation product, even though it's still in creation phase, and I've been flat out on-boarding them, while also ironing out the kinks in our systems. Great fun, but quite hectic! As of now I don't have a shiny brochure to send through, so this is the “quick” rundown.

Take this information, and use it for yourself!

This is a long page, but as a bonus for reading right through to the end, I'm giving you the whole blueprint.. You can easily take the information below to build your own effective LinkedIn B2B Sales campaigns using your own staff... You can even call me for advice! 🙂

One last note: We practice what we preach, and these are exactly the same techniques that I use on LinkedIn to generate B2B sales and leads for Hummingbird Advertising and for Hummingbird Training. In the last week alone my personal profile has risen 92% and has been viewed over 250 times!

So without further ado, let's get stuck into the details:

What you’re going to get! (Campaign Objectives)

The overall goal here is to create and engage with a database on LinkedIn that's highly tailored to your target market. Over time LinkedIn becomes your major source of both leads and sales. No more cold calling!

We'll do this by building up a huge list of of business owners in your area who you would normally not get access to, and we'll start to engage with them by messaging and by chatting in Groups on LinkedIn where they play. Once things are really cooking and you’re ready to scale, we’ll bring in the big guns and use LinkedIn Advertising to ramp things up.

Everything is very natural: LinkedIn loves it, your prospects love it, and you'll love the increased brand exposure you get, as well as an ever-increasing stream of leads and sales.

Phase 1: Creating A Targeted Database - A$300 per week (Ex GST)

In Phase 1 we're aggressively connecting with your target market to build up your initial list of contacts. To do this properly we need three things:

  • We'll sit down to work out exactly who we should be targeting as new contacts. We’ll need your help with this, so we’ll book a time for a skype or phone call to go through it.
  • A personal LinkedIn profile that is fully optimised for your target market (we'll do that)
  • A Premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account (Currently $80 per month)

Phase 1 will normally run for around 2 months, and we're purely after high quality connections, and we'll continue inviting prospects until we get to 1000+ connections, at which point we're ready to begin Phase 2, Building Engagement

*Note* - This is a building phase, and while our efforts may well generate some leads and sales, that should not be the expectation.. we’re building the platform that later phases will take advantage of.

Patience is the key for Phase 1. 🙂

That said, it’s not uncommon for the odd sale to drop in during Phase 1, and if that happens you should think of it as offsetting costs rather than generating a positive ROI.

Phase 2: Building Engagement - A$300 per week (Ex GST)

In Phase 2 we're starting to build a relationship with individuals within our target market by direct messaging, writing great content and posting, and by engaging in conversations in popular groups that your prospects frequent. To do this properly we will need to:

  • Create a company page on LinkedIn, including several product “sub pages”.
  • Find and join the 50 most popular groups where your target market are hanging out
  • Write 2 insightful and engaging LinkedIn posts per month - edited by me to make sure they’re perfect, and written to accurately reflect you and your business
  • Engage with your target market on a daily basis in groups and LinkedIn Pulse comments
  • Reply to all of your non-specific messages on LinkedIn. Our job is to get the conversation started, so if we find someone who really wants more information, we’ll get them through to you as fast as we can.. get the party started!
  • Send all specific messages & leads through to your nominated staff member

Phase 2 takes around two months to really kick into gear, and then runs forever.. as long as you're getting sales and leads, why would you want to stop?

Don't forget, this is your LinkedIn account, so at any stage you can bring things back in-house and manage your campaigns yourself.. although, at $250 per week (Ex GST), that's a pretty cheap staff member!

Next, when you're ready to really get things cooking we go to..

Phase 3: Rapid Growth & Scaling: A$700 per week (Ex GST)

In Phase 3 we start to leverage the LinkedIn paid advertising platform to drive highly targeted LinkedIn traffic to our blog posts and company pages. You can only start this phase, however, once you already have LinkedIn posts that have high engagement and lots of comments, and you should already be getting consistent sales from the previous two phases.

We also start to build email campaigns using the list of contacts that you now have in your LinkedIn database to send highly targeted emails based on already popular posts that we've written, and insights that we have gained by engaging over the previous phases.

To do Phase 3 we will need to:

  • Continue doing everything we were doing in Phase 1
  • Set up a LinkedIn paid advertising account (attached to your personal account)
  • Set up a paid Aweber or MailChimp autoresponder account
  • Build out an autoresponder email sequence to automatically send out great information to your prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Launch highly targeted LinkedIn Advertising campaigns to promote already successful LinkedIn posts
  • Aggressive follow-up with all leads who present as a result of advertising via messaging & email.. you've paid for them, so we'll do our best to make sure they don't get away!

In Phase 3 we continue to do everything that we were doing in Phase 2, these are additional steps that are taken to achieve rapid growth and scaling of your campaigns.

Ready to get started catching your whale of a client?

If you’d like to become one of our LinkedIn B2B Sales & Lead Generation members, please call 1300 452 636 straight away and we can get the ball rolling.

PS: Even if you're not interested at this time, we'd still love to get some feedback on what you think, so we can make future rollouts even better. 🙂

Cheers, and looking forward to hearing from you!

John Detlefs - Director
Hummingbird Advertising - 1300 452 636

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