High Converting Landing Pages

Perfecting your Adwords campaign is only half the battle. Studies show that up to 56% of extra profit comes from improving the landing page... not the ad!

Transform your website into a sales a lead generation powerhouse using the same proven techniques that inspired Japan to become the envy of the world.

  • Targeted & Non-disruptive

    Everything happens in the background, so your current sales won’t be affected. Chances are you won’t even notice what we’re doing. What you will notice, however, are those extra sales hitting your account!

  • Scientifically Run and Tracked.

    Conversion is the science of making & tracking incremental changes, and promoting the winners into the real world. Over time those small wins result in significant increases in sales and leads.

  • 100% Results Focussed with No Contracts

    Unlike many other agencies, with Hummingbird you pay upfront on a month to month basis, with no contracts ever. And best of all, you own everything so the work we do, you keep forever!

Live Prospect Session Recording

Using exactly the same software as Fortune 500 companies, we record customer sessions on your landing pages, and go through every video in forensic detail. This bleeding edge technology allows us to increase page conversion in real time, based on real observations!

Cutting Edge Click Tracking & Mapping

While eye tracking is of vital importance as a predictive tool, it's also necessary to track what your users actually do in order to understand user pathways. We do this by using cutting edge software that literally tracks every movement that your prospects and users make on your site!

Sophisticated A/B Split Testing

Once we've analysed your landing page and created what we believe will give you the best chance for conversions, it's time to start split testing. Using multiple versions of the same page we test every element to make sure that your site is converting to it's fullest potential!