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Site Optimisation
Google Adwords

On-Page Optimisation – What exactly do you do?

What exact work will you do each month?

Each month we’ll take a look at one page on your site (generally the landing page that your advertising is being sent to) and we’ll perform up to three tests per month. This may include changes to colours, headlines, body copy, images, or anything else that we think will improve the conversion of your page!

How long will it take to see results?

That totally depends on how your website converts right now. Some website are converting very poorly, and so there’s a good chance that we can make some quick changes that will boost conversion almost immediately. Other sites are pretty good, and so the results are more incremental. All in all you should be experiencing a nice increase in sales within the first 90 days. In fact we guarantee it!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply the page where your prospects “land” or arrive at after they’ve clicked one of your advertisements (like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising). This page is the most important page on your site, as it’s the first page that your prospect sees and if it’s not perfect, can cost you a lot of money!

What is split testing?

Split testing, also known as A/B testing is the art of making small changes to your website landing pages, and then testing those changes to see if they result in increased conversions and sales. If a particular change results in more sales then we keep it. If it doesn’t, then it is discarded and a new change is made. This process continues forever, evolving your website into the ultimate sales machine!

Do we need to hire a web developer as well?

Nope, once we have some successful tests under our belt, and we think that you should make some permanent changes to your site, we’ll get in there and do it for you. If it’s a major job then we may refer you to a web developer, but that’s pretty rare. In general we get it all done as part of the package.

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Why only 3 tests? That doesn't sound like much!

Everything takes time, especially split testing. We have to make sure that we get enough traffic to your site in order to ensure that we have a high enough confidence level in the results. The worst thing to do is call a winner too early without a significant data set. To make sure that we always have a significant result we use the two sided Chi-Square statistic with Yates Correction and look for a 95% confidence rating.

How do you figure out what changes to make?

Over time we’ve had a lot of experience on which elements are dragging down your conversions. Very few business owners are sales writing and website conversion experts and so they don’t know what they don’t know! The good news is that we do know, and so we’ll very quickly see what probably needs changing. That said, every change is a “guess” and has to be tested. Often your customers will surprise you as to what they think is important!

If I don't have a landing page, will you build one for me?

Absolutely! In fact, even if you do have a landing page already, there’s a good chance we’re going to build a new one for you. In fact, over 12 months we’ll probably build as many as 20 landing pages for you as we test what designs your clients like best. Once we’ve found a design that your clients are most attracted to then we’ll start drilling down to make each individual element perfect.

So, is it just changing colours and stuff?

Not at all, although that is a part of it. We’ll work on every aspect of your site, from headlines, to images to body copy. No part of your site is safe from our testing. Our motto is similar to Google’s in that we let the data do the talking. Anything else is guessing, and when it comes to sales, guessing just isn’t good enough!

Do you do copywriting?

Copywriting (or the art of writing sales messages) is a service that we offer separately if you’d like us to write the content for your site or sales pages. That said, we’ll write and test multiple headlines and calls to action as part of this package. If you’d like full pages written for new content or sales letters, just let us know and we’ll quote separately for that work.


Google Adwords Management – Making every dollar spent count.

What exact work will you do each month?

That'll vary from month to month. In the first couple of months it's really all about getting lots of data so that we can make good decisions on where to spend your advertising dollars. Once we've got that sorted out, we spend the rest of our time coming up with great ads, split testing like crazy, and refining your campaigns toward high converting keywords.

What are "buying keywords"?

"Buying Keywords" are where the money is at and where your sales are hiding. There is a big difference between the keywords "yellow shoes" and "buy yellow shoes", with the latter being a clear signal that the prospect is looking to buy now. It won't always be that obvious, but by tracking conversions we'll make sure that your account is heavy with these high converting phrases.

How do you choose which keywords to use?

First, we do a boat load of research into your market, looking at which search phrases your competitors and you are purchasing right now. Then we'll all get together and brainstorm the most like candidates for "buying keywords" and we'll start to build a campaign around them. Every small change is coupled with a big discussion with the team!

How does split testing work in Adwords?

Split testing, also known as A/B testing is the art of making small changes to your ads and then seeing which ones convert the best, not just into clicks, but into buyers. This is a really important part of the process. If you want lots of clicks, then just put "FREE STUFF" in your ad. We build campaigns that attract buyers, not freebie hunters.

How do you find out who a buyer is?

We call that conversion tracking, and we do it by adding some code to your website, and then letting Google Adwords know that we want to know which of your visitors converts into a sale or lead, and also which keywords they used to find you. That way we can refine your campaign to only use those keywords that are "buying keywords".

What is a Quality Score?

The Quality Score is the tool that Google uses to determine the overall quality of your campaign at the keyword level. Each keyword will be given a score (from 1 - 10) letting you know whether they think you're on the right track. The score is broken down into Ad relevance, Landing Page Quality and Expected Click Through Rate. The higher the Quality Score the cheaper your clicks, so this is a major focus for us during the campaign.

Who does my landing pages?

Split testing, also known as A/B testing is the art of making small changes to your website landing pages, and then testing those changes to see if they result in increased conversions and sales. If a particular change results in more sales then we keep it. If it doesn’t, then it is discarded and a new change is made. This process continues forever, evolving your website into the ultimate sales machine!

Is my advertising spend included in the package?

Nope, advertising spend is different for everybody and so is billed separately and paid directly to Google.

How much do we need to spend on Adwords?

That'll depend on how competitive your marketplace is, and how much it costs to bid for keywords. For most businesses, you need to be spending at least $2000 per month to get any traction at all. We have clients who spend as much as $10,000 per month, but we'll only get to those levels once we're really happy with the campaign and making lots of sales. Slow and steady is the trick!

$2000 is a lot of money to spend on advertising!

Well that depends on how big your company is, but more importantly, how well set up your Adwords campaign is. If we've built a campaign and tested & tracked it to make sure that you get $2 out for every $1 you put in, then you'd be putting in as much money as you can! We start of slow, with small budgets, until your campaign is profitable. But $2000 really is on the low side, and if you can't afford that amount, then you want to look at other avenues to market your business, as it's very difficult to get right on a too low budget.

What do you mean "start small and then scale"?

It's important not to go at full gallop straight out of the gate. To start off with we use low budgets and target a small targeted group of prospects. As the ads improve and the campaign becomes profitable, then we build up (or "scale") the campaign to maximise traffic and returns. Slow and steady really does win the race!

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on where your account is right now. We'll always go for the quick wins where we find them, because they'll often save you a lot of money. We've been able to save some clients in excess of 50% of their spending in the first month without sales dropping at all! This isn't always the case, but our aim is to become revenue neutral as quickly as possible.

Who owns my Google Adwords account?

You do! Unlike many of our competitors everything we do is totally transparent and you own your account. We have a client centre and we will ask you to link your account to us so that we can manage the account. If you feel like it, whenever you want jump in and have a peek at what we're doing! (Don't touch though, as a wrong setting can literally costs thousands of dollars before it's picked up!)