Google Adwords Management

Smart bidding, in-depth keyword research, and fanatical split-testing guarantees the best result you've ever received in the Google advertising marketplace.

Transform your website into a sales a lead generation powerhouse using the same proven techniques that inspired Japan to become the envy of the world.

  • Targeted & Non-disruptive

    Everything happens in the background, so your current sales won’t be affected. Chances are you won’t even notice what we’re doing. What you will notice, however, are those extra sales hitting your account!

  • Scientifically Run and Tracked.

    Conversion is the science of making & tracking incremental changes, and promoting the winners into the real world. Over time those small wins result in significant increases in sales and leads.

  • 100% Results Focussed with No Contracts

    Unlike many other agencies, with Hummingbird you pay upfront on a month to month basis, with no contracts ever. And best of all, you own everything so the work we do, you keep forever!

Smarter Bidding On Keywords

Yep, you can get to the top of Adwords by brute force and bidding higher than anybody else. That's also a great way to lose a lot of money, fast. We take it slow, choosing keywords that are specific to actual buyers (not tyre kickers) to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Fanatical A/B Split Testing

Core to the Google Adwords platform is the ability to create and test multiple variations of your ads, and this is a process that never stops. Our expert copywriters are continually coming up with newer and improved versions of your ads, and testing like crazy to see which ones convert best.

Automated Conversion Tracking

It's not just about getting clicks, it's about getting sales! We track every click and every impressions that your ads get to make sure that every dollar you spend is targeted at those prospects who are most likely to buy your products. Over time your campaign becomes a laser targeted profit machine!