About Us

Meet the team who work tirelessly to lower the cost of your Adwords campaigns and increase the numbers of qualified leads to your business!

The idea behind Hummingbird Conversions is to keep things simple. We work to get you more leads for less cost, letting you closing deals and fulfil orders.

There are a lot of ingredients that go into making life simple for our clients, including cutting edge predictive eye tracking and click tracking software as well as sophisticated A/B split testing software, to test the efficiency of your lead pages. But the most important ingredient are the staff who work to get everything done. From customer service through to the tech guys, quality and attention to detail are top notch!

Our Team

The results we achieve for our clients doesn't happen by chance. It's because of the dedication and hard work of our fantastic team! Why not put a face to the name?

  • John Detlefs

    John loves getting into the technical side of things, making sure your Adwords campaigns and web-pages are perfect.

  • Christina Hoang

    A first-rate Prince2 qualified project manager, Christina makes sure that every project runs smoothly from beginning to end, every time!

  • Michael Airhart

    Mike’s the writer on the team. He makes sure that every word on in your advertising and webpages sing, and he’s also our master blog writer.

Our Mission: More Leads for Less Cost.

At heart it's a simple concept, if not so simple in execution. We want to get you more leads for less cost. To do that we work to increase the efficiency and scale of your Google Adwords account so that you get more targeted clicks at an ever decreasing cost-per-click. Secondly, we work to increase the conversion of those Adwords visitors from politely interested bystanders, into highly qualified leads. All you need to do is close the sale and deliver your product or service.